Summer is for tanks


Its summertime and I am wearing a racerback tank top so why is that so amazing because I’ve never worn a tank top really out in public ever in my entire life probably maybe when I was 5 I never felt comfortable enough to do so not that I’m any thinner than I was when I was 5 or you know any age basically but I am thinner than I was in February and I am stronger than I was in February.
I love this I think my shoulders look really nice I’m excited I am wearing a tank top for summer time and I walked into my mom and I walked into other stores and I feel good about myself I really feel good about myself I don’t worry about whether I’m the fat girl anymore I just worry about whether I’m doing my small stuff everyday you should too you should feel this good you should feel like you are something because you only get one chance in life to do anything you only get one life one moment to shine don’t hide yourself I don’t want to hide anymore.

Love j


Thankfully Yours !!!


I wanted to start writing down three things every day that I’m thankful for. So I suggested this to my husband that we put it on the refrigerator and he is not ready for it yet because he needs to come to it on his own, which is perfectly fine. But one of the things I’m thankful for is that in our conversation he said “you have gone through a complete emotional and mental changes in the last few months”.
And I’m thankful because someone else actually realize that I did and said it out loud.

I wasn’t quite sure that I actually did until he said it and I have been looking back on it now and I really have changed. I completely changed how I view life. I know deep in my heart that I would not be down 25 pounds and kept it off if it wasn’t for that mental change. I know I had to break down those walls and just say OK I am going to explore my reasons why and own them and then figure out what I need to do to improve upon. I just have to let go of the fear or wall and take each day at a time. Because it’s not about controlling your life it’s about enjoying the one you have we only get one life.

Love j

Classic style

I love Carolina Herrera.

There’s just something about all of her designs that are classic and gorgeous and comfortable looking even being high fashion.
I think that’s what I always wanted to be is comfortable and high fashion I know that kind of like not the way to tour work but I never really wanted to fit into anything anyway.

So I’m reading this book called the Slight Edge and it is a really good book it really shows you how to be a successful person without having to do the grand gesture or have instantaneous success. Because an instant success doesn’t last for long and I’m not really interested in burning out.
Everyday I get up and I drink my shakeology and I do work out at some point in the day and everyday I read 10 pages or I listen to a podcast that improves me as a person. And taking those tiny steps just like Jeff says in his book is what makes the difference.

All the beach body training I have seen is about consistency, consistently living your purpose your truth. And I know that I tend not to show everybody my truth or really believing it myself but I think it’s because I let myself get distracted.

I really want to stop that so an exercise from the book is to list who you would like to emulate.

I have chosen a few people Carolina Herrera is one of them Coco Chanel and Mindy Lawhorn. These women have persevered through many struggles and I can relate to that I think everyone can relate to that it’s just finding who aligned with your current values and who you would like to be as a person and not who you’ve shoved yourself into being.
I wrote another blog post about not fitting and it wasn’t about not fitting in with the in crowd or anything like that it was about stifling myself to continue living the life I’m living instead of letting myself truly be who I meant to be and taking on the world.
I would love every person on this planet to decide that that’s what they would like to do is to live their true self and I think through fitness and exercise even though it’s scary is a way to explore who you really are. Because when you are not healthy person and you are exercising for the first time or again you are at your most vulnerable you really have to motivate yourself and focus past your own abilities and past your fears and continue on. And that really in itself is is taking little steps towards success and sometimes we just do not realize that we actually are doing.


I would like to propose a call to action my friends, I’m going to start my first fitness challenge group on July 6th it’s a Monday and I want you to contact me if you’re interested. I’m not going to ask you to buy something and I’m not going to ask you to do something you don’t want to do I’m just asking you to be who you want to be and not who you think you should have been. And if you decide that you would like to join the challenge group after talking to me then that’s wonderful and if you decide that maybe you’re just not ready that’s great too because you took a step in the positive direction you took a step in looking at yourself in a different light. I just have so much to give and I really want people to know that..

This is a link if you would like to contact me.

love J

Mornings are for Shakes, Coffee & PIYO

I had a great day today!!

Last night I worked out and was done by 8:30 pm! Which is usually when I start or even later.  It really made a difference though.  I slept better and I woke up this morning with enough energy and early enough to workout this morning.  I haven’t done a morning workout in sooo long.  It just set my day in a positive direction.

I am going to try and workout again in the morning for the rest of this week since it is going to be a busy weekend.  Vivi’s birthday, mine, and our niece’s’ graduation party.  LOL YEAH summer!

Hope you all have a great day!

Ever lose a paycheck in WholeFoods :) ?

Hey All

Everytime I make the journey to Whole foods I always always spend more than I intended. ALWAYS.  But I heard about this company on the Jillian Michael’s podcast.  I am a podcast junkie it helps me get through my day. I can always stay positive when I listen to them.

Thrive Marketplace is like all the great products Wholefoods has but at like clearance prices!!! I went on and it was like seeing the red Target clearance sticker 🙂 I have a thing for Target too.

Check it out for yourselves.

just click on the Thrive market icon.

Did these just come out of the dryer?

LOL so I thought I title this mini post with a little humor. I normally ask my Hubs to not dry my pants. We all know why!

So imagine my surprise when the sweat pants I just threw on to workout in were loose. Wait I just got these out of the dryer! Hold on these were the same pants I bought at the Old Navy Black Friday sale last year that fit like a second skin. I did not try them on, but I thought hey the price is right and some day I will fit into them.

Well Hello someday! It still amazes me that I am still working out and eating clean & healthy. I have not given up and you know what is different. I do not wish to be thinner anymore I just know I will be.  That is the oddest feeling.  There use to be days where I would wish the magic fairy would visit me and tell me to just pick a weight and I would wake up to be that the next morning.

I guess my fairy god mother did come but only after I gave in and left it to God. I know right you must have heard that before and I am not a very religious person. But there are a few things in my life I have asked God for and every time I trusted him, he would deliver.

I want you to know that this feeling is so wonderful. Its like feeling complete and whole. My new wish is for everyone to feel this. Everyone who ever felt like I did, who doesn’t want to give up again to just start over.

I hope that I can inspire you to take the first step and the second and the third and just one more after that.  Just keep taking small steps every day small choices toward what you really want in life.

love J

Round Two Results !!!!

This post is a little late!  I got some Good results.

My previous measurements and current:

5/18/15                                     6/08/15

Waist – 47                                  44.5

Bust – 50.75                               48

Hips – 58                                    56.5

L-Arm- 15                                  14.5

R-Arm- 16                                 14.5

L-Leg- 33                                  31.5

R-Leg- 32                                  31.5

Total- 259.75                             241

That’s a total of 18.75 inches overall. I also lost another 9 pounds the time of weight in. Since then though I have lost another 2 pounds.  Total 20 pounds down !!!!!

Now for the pictures.  The left side is the start of round two and the right are my results.

2015-06-09 16.07.262015-06-09 16.06.542015-06-09 16.05.12

You know what the best part is. This really does work. I mean really could not be any simpler and do not get me wrong it is very hard. Hard to workout every day hard to chose the right foods but the game plan is easy.  The workouts are only 30 min a day. I mean a half an hour and I can be closer to my goal ! I will take that any day. With every round I am building a lifestyle that is sustainable.

If you would like to join me I have a clean eating challenge starting and then next week I will be starting a fitness challenge to offer support to those on their own health journey.

Love J