“Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on”

A wonderful person said this title and listening to his talks had inspired this post. Thank you Les Brown

Have you looked into your past lately? Have you felt feelings of regret or guilt? I have. Recently I listen to a most incredible speaker Les Brown. His laugh just makes you smile lol.

IUntitled design (2)n one of his speeches he talks about forgiveness so you may grow. I have heard of this you may have even tried it. But not until today have I really envisioned the past me and looked into her eyes and told her she is forgiven. That her decisions at that moment where made when she did pr have all the facts or even not at the right time.

Today I worked on forgiveness and I feel like it has made a difference in how I look at life. Almost like that weight you carry around for so long that you forgot that it was there is suddenly gone and you can’t believe you were holding all that.

I challenge you to think of your self, see your eyes and say “I forgive you” and just be with those words.

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