Who are you?

If she only knew

Hi I am Jessica! As a health and wellness coach I walk you through discovering and setting your goals. We will use realistic ways to achieve them and you will have my support at all times. I understand that life is busy and sometimes overwhelming and that starting and finishing something will be no small feat. I know this firsthand because I am on my own path to living a healthy life that is designed by me not someone else.
I found my calling through Beachbody 4 months ago as a coach and each month is a new level of fulfillment. Every day I discover more about why I have made the decisions in life that lead me to be obese. What my triggers are for overeating and how I can combat them. I have been obese since childhood and still hold on to that hurt. Through personal development (one of the 3 vital behaviors of a BB coach) I have come to realize I have a vast amount of knowledge that I wear as a shield and with coaching both of others and from others I am slowly starting to lay down that shield and use what I know to succeed in life.
Some moments have frustrations to keep me on my toes but hey that’s life right, nothing is ever perfect. I feel we all deserve to accomplish our dreams be it weight loss, strength, or just understanding your habits. Watching someone realize that they are deserving is one of the reasons coaching makes me feel in tune with life. Another reason coaching is amazing for me is when I can help to lift someone up, lend my hand to help them reach their goal. When you realize you can and do deserve to have your dreams a fire is started inside, it may dim or feel cool at times but it never goes out. Feeling like you want to start a change in your life and need to find out how or what is a great reason to chat with me. Talk to you soon.

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