If you made your dreams come true

Start somewhere

If I told you you could drink one shake every day and regulate your blood sugar reduce cravings for junk food (I’m not saying eliminate them it gives you the ability to turn them down easier and overtime) your junk food habit to be replaced today health food have it.

If I told you that by doing one 30 minute workout a day and eating a healthy balanced diet without counting calories will help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days how much would you pay for that?

How much would you pay to get your weight loss journey started? How much would you pay to not have to start over again, to finally reach your goals?

How much would you pay to have someone there to support you without any questions or doubts about your ability to succeed?

Round 2 Results

Round 2 Results

I decided how much I would pay because I knew this investment would yield unlimited returns.

I started my journey at 292 we might as well say 300 pounds Yikes 300 pounds. And after two and a half rounds because *I’m still in the middle of the third) I have lost 30 pounds I am 30 pounds closer to my goal I am 30 pound happier I am 30 pounds of less fat.

I feel like I found the best way to obtain my dreams. It’s because of being a Beachbody coach because they give you the three things that you should do every day and it’s only three things.

have the most nutritious meals a day which is Shakeology and workout

work on personal development

encourage others to join you on your journey so they can start theirs.

Autumn gives you the easiest plan the most common sense plan to follow. you workout 30 minutes everyday it is different workout everyday so if you don’t like that work out you only have to do it two more times in your round and then it’s done see how easy is that. but you’re going to love to work out because autumn is super motivating and she makes it so anybody even 300 400 500 pound people can try this and move forward to being able to be fit.

Then she gives you an eating plan and it was is what everybody has been telling you to do eat sensible eat within your portions. But you’re not counting calories you are counting containers and if she says you get four yellow containers you decide what to fill them with and you eat them for the day. There is no eating what you don’t like there is no counting calories, there is just eating food and feeling like a normal person going about their day and not somebody on a diet

If you’ve tried as many times as I have your understand it sucks to be the person on the diet. When you go out with your friends and it sucks to be the person on the diet at work

But with 21 day fix you don’t feel like you’re on a diet you feel like you are on the way to  changing your life and that is more important.

So if you’re ready to change your life if you’re ready to invest in yourself so you can get unbelievably great results I want to help you I want to be the person there everyday telling you you can do this you are strong enough and you will be successful you will have your dreams because I speak from experience.

Comment below and I will reach out to you and give you the information you need or if you would like to fast track and know that you want 21 day fix Challenge pack you can click on the link and it will bring you to my order page and you will be able to order and sign up with me and we can work together.

Whichever  you decide please choose yourself because you are the key to making everything better you have to be the change you will inspire others.


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