What you learn in the Garden!

20150705_105323  The Husband and I were weeding the garden today and I was thinking as I pulled out crabgrass from my garden everywhere! That the crab grass or weeds are like a bad habit!  When you find the crabgrass it sprouts up and it has a huge root system underneath. But if you just take some effort and dig down a little deeper you can pull up all the roots and the weed will not grow back as easily. I thought wow that’s kind of like not eating healthy or not exercising.


I’m pulling out all these weeds by hand, digging my hands deep inside the soil, getting my nails dirty (that’s something I really just do not like it just stays with me for the entire day) but if I had a little trowel or a little rake it would make the job easier, tedious but easier.  You still have to dig down deep and you still have to pull hard but you get more results with the little trowel.
I thought that’s what it’s like to have a Beachbody program and a coach. You have a coach that will help you reach down deep and pull out the roots of bad eating and not exercising and then a program to follow. So the small habits, the small healthy habits that you had, like the wonderful vegetable plants I am weeding around. Will now shine brighter, will grow stronger and take deeper roots even more than bad habit weeds.



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