Classic style

I love Carolina Herrera.

There’s just something about all of her designs that are classic and gorgeous and comfortable looking even being high fashion.
I think that’s what I always wanted to be is comfortable and high fashion I know that kind of like not the way to tour work but I never really wanted to fit into anything anyway.

So I’m reading this book called the Slight Edge and it is a really good book it really shows you how to be a successful person without having to do the grand gesture or have instantaneous success. Because an instant success doesn’t last for long and I’m not really interested in burning out.
Everyday I get up and I drink my shakeology and I do work out at some point in the day and everyday I read 10 pages or I listen to a podcast that improves me as a person. And taking those tiny steps just like Jeff says in his book is what makes the difference.

All the beach body training I have seen is about consistency, consistently living your purpose your truth. And I know that I tend not to show everybody my truth or really believing it myself but I think it’s because I let myself get distracted.

I really want to stop that so an exercise from the book is to list who you would like to emulate.

I have chosen a few people Carolina Herrera is one of them Coco Chanel and Mindy Lawhorn. These women have persevered through many struggles and I can relate to that I think everyone can relate to that it’s just finding who aligned with your current values and who you would like to be as a person and not who you’ve shoved yourself into being.
I wrote another blog post about not fitting and it wasn’t about not fitting in with the in crowd or anything like that it was about stifling myself to continue living the life I’m living instead of letting myself truly be who I meant to be and taking on the world.
I would love every person on this planet to decide that that’s what they would like to do is to live their true self and I think through fitness and exercise even though it’s scary is a way to explore who you really are. Because when you are not healthy person and you are exercising for the first time or again you are at your most vulnerable you really have to motivate yourself and focus past your own abilities and past your fears and continue on. And that really in itself is is taking little steps towards success and sometimes we just do not realize that we actually are doing.


I would like to propose a call to action my friends, I’m going to start my first fitness challenge group on July 6th it’s a Monday and I want you to contact me if you’re interested. I’m not going to ask you to buy something and I’m not going to ask you to do something you don’t want to do I’m just asking you to be who you want to be and not who you think you should have been. And if you decide that you would like to join the challenge group after talking to me then that’s wonderful and if you decide that maybe you’re just not ready that’s great too because you took a step in the positive direction you took a step in looking at yourself in a different light. I just have so much to give and I really want people to know that..

This is a link if you would like to contact me.

love J


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