Did these just come out of the dryer?

LOL so I thought I title this mini post with a little humor. I normally ask my Hubs to not dry my pants. We all know why!

So imagine my surprise when the sweat pants I just threw on to workout in were loose. Wait I just got these out of the dryer! Hold on these were the same pants I bought at the Old Navy Black Friday sale last year that fit like a second skin. I did not try them on, but I thought hey the price is right and some day I will fit into them.

Well Hello someday! It still amazes me that I am still working out and eating clean & healthy. I have not given up and you know what is different. I do not wish to be thinner anymore I just know I will be.  That is the oddest feeling.  There use to be days where I would wish the magic fairy would visit me and tell me to just pick a weight and I would wake up to be that the next morning.

I guess my fairy god mother did come but only after I gave in and left it to God. I know right you must have heard that before and I am not a very religious person. But there are a few things in my life I have asked God for and every time I trusted him, he would deliver.

I want you to know that this feeling is so wonderful. Its like feeling complete and whole. My new wish is for everyone to feel this. Everyone who ever felt like I did, who doesn’t want to give up again to just start over.

I hope that I can inspire you to take the first step and the second and the third and just one more after that.  Just keep taking small steps every day small choices toward what you really want in life.

love J


4 thoughts on “Did these just come out of the dryer?

  1. lamimartin says:

    I can’t wait until my clothes become loose and I can’t wait to buy new clothes! I was not be a better version of myself for Christmas when we see family again! Not my weight loss goal but a small goal! You are doing fab!

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