The Birthday Girl

Every year (all two) I have made Vivi’s birthday outfit.

I usually go onto Etsy and purchase a pattern then see what fabric I have hordied then realize I don’t have enough of what I wanted and run to Joann’s.  At which point I buy more and more Fabric.  I have a little problem …hehehehe  I can just see the potential in the fabric, see how it would move as a dress or shimmer as a top.  Dreams I tell you, I had dreams of designing clothes one day.  How I ended up in accounting is beyond me.

Anyway on to the outfit. This year I made a cute little jumper.  I took some before and afters. I almost thought I cut out the wrong size, but when she tried it on it was nice and loose. She is a summer baby and needs the least amount of clothes on for her birthday party.

Here is all the pieces cut out.  I found some vintage floral fabric (etsy) and I had this pink fabric from a score at Goodwill.  The green eyelet lace ruffle I have been holding on to for over a year now.


And now it is all together it looks huge right?  The Hubs even questioned it, told me that pink wasn’t his color if that what I was making.

LOL no .. but would be a funny right.            20150614_170748

Here we have something much closer to normal size. Now that the elastic is in!

20150614_183623 (1)

Miss Vivi herself sporting the finished product! I had to make a few changes to tighten up the top. But over all I am happy with this and I got it done in one day cutting and all.    Can’t wait to make more!


This is last years Dress! Again some form of eyelet fabric! lol


P.S  This years pattern is from the below shop.


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