Round Two Results !!!!

This post is a little late!  I got some Good results.

My previous measurements and current:

5/18/15                                     6/08/15

Waist – 47                                  44.5

Bust – 50.75                               48

Hips – 58                                    56.5

L-Arm- 15                                  14.5

R-Arm- 16                                 14.5

L-Leg- 33                                  31.5

R-Leg- 32                                  31.5

Total- 259.75                             241

That’s a total of 18.75 inches overall. I also lost another 9 pounds the time of weight in. Since then though I have lost another 2 pounds.  Total 20 pounds down !!!!!

Now for the pictures.  The left side is the start of round two and the right are my results.

2015-06-09 16.07.262015-06-09 16.06.542015-06-09 16.05.12

You know what the best part is. This really does work. I mean really could not be any simpler and do not get me wrong it is very hard. Hard to workout every day hard to chose the right foods but the game plan is easy.  The workouts are only 30 min a day. I mean a half an hour and I can be closer to my goal ! I will take that any day. With every round I am building a lifestyle that is sustainable.

If you would like to join me I have a clean eating challenge starting and then next week I will be starting a fitness challenge to offer support to those on their own health journey.

Love J


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