Move !

Hi this post is a result of a turning point in my life.


We do not fit in many things in life.  Thats what make life so hard, pushing yourself into something that does not fit. Now whether that is a pair of jeans or the wrong job or the wrong city or whichever is giving you resistants in life,  I believe in my soul that we are not meant to do that.  We can not crush ourselves into an ideal.


I really do not like being disenchanted,nor do I like to just suck it up and deal because that was what people do.  People should not have to be unhappy because that is “just how it is:”


I believe in CHANGE, not only because it gives you options but because it is scary and what scares you makes you think and feel.  These are very important things for us to do because they will only bring you to a truer version of yourself and that is where you will find happiness.


So where is the positive what can you take away from what I have learned? Life is about ebb and flow but when there is no flow and only pushing you need to change something. God is letting you know that what you are doing does not fit into his plan for you.


If you feel like you are stuck or at a loss in life please know that you can and will change.

I would love to hear from you. Not because I am a beachbody coach and I am looking to show you our products. But because I really want others to know what I know.

Nothing is permanent everything can change and you do not have to be unhappy because “that’s just how it is”.


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