Have you ever cared so much that it hurts? I’m normally a very calm collected person but today I was reminded on Memorial Day how much you should really value the ones that are still with you.

That being said I ran to the grocery store with my family today and was bombarded by adults belittling their children in the middle of the grocery store.

I’m all about disciplining your children but you get the point where I was uncomfortable listening to these parents.

So as the umpteenth parent behind me in line was telling her son that he didn’t have a mind and why did she have to talk to him all the time about the same things. I had enough, I use my mommy voice on her.  sShe responded like the over stressed and what I can only assume under educated person that she what’s a barage of yelling back at me. At this point I just walked away.  But what I really wanted to say to her was do you not value your children they are a blessing. There are people out there who have lost their children in war or because of accident or any other reason and you have the audacity to sit there and scream at your six year old in the middle of the store because you can’t be an adult and get your emotions together.

I started this blog because I wanted mothers to be able to feel strong and secure in themselves and that isn’t just about the physical appearance it’s also about being emotionally strong and looking at yourself and exploring the reasons of why you’re not what you wanted to be on the outside. Because what you are on the outside is only a reflection of what is going on inside.

On this day of Memorial please remember that there are mothers and fathers out there who are missing their sons or daughters, and to look at your children is not an annoyance but a blessing from God.

Respect earns RESPECT


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