Why I love life again

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I found it! What is it? In short my purpose.

I have always been overweight, Always.  I have carried around a lot of baggage over the years and even after marrying the love of my life and having our daughter I still could not let it go.  That feeling of being the fat kid. The teasing and loneliness that led me to make some pretty bad choices.

But now I have found something that works.  This is the first time that all four things have come together for me.  Those 4 things are motivation,support, nutrition and fitness.  I started with 21 day fix and I can not tell you how easy and relieved I felt when all I had to do was fill up these containers! You have got to be kidding me right? I mean really I could eat whatever and as long as I filled the containers everyday I would lose weight?  It seems to easy but it’s not the workouts are hard but so worth it. After those 30 min I feel sweaty and tired but good, I have a sense of accomplishment.

I have lost to date since starting my beachbody program a total of 16 pounds.  During the first round I lost 10 pounds and then we all got sick at my house and if you have kids you know what that is like. So I just ate healthy (containers) and did not gain any weight back.  I am now doing PiYo and eating the 21 Day fix program.  So the first 6 days are down and I am down 6 more pounds.  Total 16 pounds!  Still cannot believe it I just am so energized and happy.  So my new goal is to pass this on, to give this gift to others.

I do not want another little girl to make the choices I did because they don’t feel accepted, lowering of their values so they could be included.  The things I did just so someone would want to be around me.  My purpose is to be the example, the woman who lost the weight and overcame the fear and rejection of her childhood and then spread that love and knowledge around the world.

So watch me change their lives and mine!


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